noviembre, 2010 | Diseño & Arquitectura

Belleza extrema en un mueble: The Glissando

Fresh designs are inspired by looking beyond an area of expertise. This is the case for a beautiful piece of furniture called “The Glissando“. Jon Goulder imagined a credenza that was  musical, so he created the Glissando, which visually mimics the glide from one pitch to another in music. A lot of work went into making these beautiful pieces and there are only 12 of them available.  Read More →
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TEEbooks, the Almost Invisible Bookcaseb

TEEbooks is an ingenious shelving system designed by Mauro Canfori and features a few different shelves complemented by small drawers and consoles. The fun thing about this uncommon furniture product is that when it is completely covered with books and CDs, it becomes invisible and it appears as if the stored items were free standing. The shapes that TEEbooks can take are various, from simple horizontal lines to more complicated forms. You can even design your own shape here.  Read More →
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