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25 Most Creative and Original Mirror Designs

In the design industry, the simple “mirror, mirror on the wall” suffered some serious upgrades. Who knew this seemingly common decorating item would in time become so popular and take so many shapes? From the map of Italy to creative promotional mirrors, here are 25 of the most unusual mirrors ever designed:  Read More →
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Luxurious Mobile Home

A-cero architecture studio goes beyond the concept of home – they put wheels on comfortable and contemporary designs with this Mobile Home. All the furniture inside is built from Corian – a material that plays with the usual vibrations of the moving truck to offer comfort and a pleasurable trip. Although this mobile home was created for moving around in style, it has all the comfort needed to become your second home.  Read More →
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Luxurious Hydraulic Underground Garage

Underground parking just got a new meaning! UK based firm, Cardock, has come up with this great idea for a world where people are constantly searching for more space. This underground garage accomplishes two important things: you can safely park your car with the push of a button saving space at the same time. Cars can even be parked on top of each other thus offering an efficient system for urban areas too.  Read More →
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15 Coolest Swimming Pools

Suffering from the winter blues? Well you are not alone as millions are also freezing in this biting cold and waiting for the sun to shine. The best thing about summers are no doubt the swimming pools and below we are listing some of the most stunning swimming pools in the world. So all you water babies out there, pick up your favorite and start planning a holiday now.  Read More →
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