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Storage Mirror

Designed by Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel of Les M Design Studio, this fascinating storage mirror named Precious makes you wonder how come you don’t already have one. As described by the design duo, “the mirror unfolds to reveal a colorful system for the organization of jewelry and fashion accessories. “Precious” offers a pull-out bar with hooks to neatly hang necklaces and earrings.  Read More →
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Totem Shelves Modular Storing System

The Totem shelves designed by Officina41 offer a modular storing system for your home, office, or even small business, which will help you display your books and help you show off your most prized possessions, whatever they may be. The shelves of the Totem can be placed in two positions, either at 90° or at 45° to better adjust to your storing needs. Whether we’re looking at books, diplomas, images, or anything else you may want to impress your visitors or customers with, the Totem can offer such support for showing off your stuff. The Totem is built from steel, features 100% recyclable materials... 
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Eraser pencil

Why buy a pencil and an eraser, or even a pencil with an eraser, when you could have the Eraser Pencil? The design, from Deuk Young Lee of Korea, ditches the wood entirely and replaces it with a long length of stiff rubber. Thus, as long as the pencil is long enough to write with, it still has an eraser.  Read More →
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15 Cool Examples Of Cardboard Made Furniture

Think cardboard and the mind instantly conjures up images of that excruciatingly dull and rather horrid brown packing material. However, trust the design continuum to make cardboard cool. Don’t believe us? Well then check out our list of the coolest examples of cardboard furniture which not only showcases the designer’s imagination but also their design conscious.  Read More →
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