diciembre, 2011 | Diseño & Arquitectura

Modern Home Extension Displaying

Architecture company dmvA designed a modern and original home extension entitled “vB4” and located within the countryside of Brecht, Germany. According to the project developers, “the extension from the existing  form resulted in a floating volume built with trapezoidal wooden structures. The new timber parts followed the same frames and studs as the original.  Read More →
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False Bay Writer’s Cabin

Esta cabaña – diseñada por Olson Kundig Architects – tiene 150 m2 cuadrados y sirve como refugio de escritores o casa para invitados. Los propietarios querían mantener un contacto permanente con el entorno, el clima, la fauna y las vistas y además necesitaban un sistema de cierre seguro para cuando la casa no estuviese en uso.  Read More →
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Blowing in the Wind Pavilion

Italian designer Riccardo Giovanetti developed a pavilion in an exhibition space for the Russian door company Sofia. Its design is original and daring, which is why we decided to share it further. According to the architects, “the project arises from the desire to create a direct relationship between the architectural form of the exhibition space with the form of the company’s logo.  Read More →
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Wood and Steel Modern Furniture

The Amirite Collection was designed by JacobNitz for Dutch company Associated. By combining two opposite materials – steel and wood – the designer constructed a futuristic-looking collection that displays a carefully studied collection of design lines.  Read More →
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