Una “pequeña” alternativa habitable

This home, The Don Vardo, was built by a tiny house construction company in Oregon called Portland Alternative Dwellings.  PAD is selling The Don Vardo for $22,000, which includes a desk, kitchen nook, pull-out double bed, and radiant heat floors.  Built on a 7×10-foot trailer, the portable home is fully insulated, road tested, and comes with reclaimed Douglas fir doors, rain screen cedar siding, a PaperStone desk, an LED rope-light, salvaged cabinets and a sink, and efficient double-hung windows.  There is no toilet or shower, though. [+] Learn more about The Don Vardo. Fuente  Read More →
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Arquitectura Original

See some odd buildings around the world with some strange concept. We dont know what the concept behind these buildings. But these concepts makes them unique and strange buildings in the world 1.The Crooked House, Sopot,Poland 2.Peter B Lewis Building, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA 3.Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan 4.Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, United States 5.Wonderworks Pigeon Forge Tennessee,United States 6.Hang Nga Guest House, Vietnam 7.Binocular Building, Venice, California 8.Bart Prince House, Albuquerque, United States 9.Beijing Stadium, China 10.Air... 
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Bonbon Trading, Muebles Multiuso

Small space furniture is one of our favorite categories because it usually involves some creativity. In the past we have shown our readers some really cool folding and multi-function beds and here is a very simple one perfect for small apartments or college dorm rooms. The “Cabrio” folding bed with integrated “home office” desk (210 x 60) can be ordered as a single bed (Cabrio 80) or a small double bed (Cabrio 120). The unit transform into a bed with a simple movement and without having to remove any objects from the desk. Available from BonBon Trading. How often... 
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Santos Platform Bed from Environment Furniture

The Santos platform bed from Environment Furniture takes a clean design and dresses it up through its use of woods and stain colors. The frame features South American influence through its use of Brazilian Peroba wood. The Peroba wood is combined with mahogany creating the overall look. Environment uses only reclaimed Peroba while the Mahogany comes from Tropical Forest Trust approved suppliers. More information:here. Fuente  Read More →
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Muebles Originales de Stanislav Katz

Navegando por la red encontré este entretenido sitio que nos plantea un punto de vista diferente para muebles de diseño único en donde se conjugan diseños “extremos” y colores contrastados para ofrecer muebles originales y funcionales. Fuente  Read More →
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The Ultimate Prefab Magazine 2009

During Christmas, I was in the airport waiting for my flight and decided to pop into a store to grab some reading material.  Much to my surprise, this was December you know, the February issue of Dwell was already up and it popped right out at me.  On the stands right now is “The Prefab Issue: Real Homes for Real People,” and it’s definitely worth reading.  In addition to an essay from founding editor-in-chief Karrie Jacobs, here are a few prefabs you can expect to read about in this issue: Scott Specht’s Off the Grid ZeroHouse (also our article) Scott Specht’s... 
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Refugios para Haití

A una semana de la tragedia de Haití el panorama parece progresar, las ayudas humanitarias en distintos rincones del mundo están dando resultados, se activaron los suministros vía aérea y a pesar de pequeños incidentes la situación general ha sido definida por la ONU como un “estado de calma general”. Con respecto a lo que involucra la reconstrucción de las caídas infraestructuras el panorama es un poco más complicado. Hasta el momento la principal situación continúa siendo la búsqueda de posibles sobrevivientes y de personas desaparecidas por lo que la labor de arquitectos en la... 
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Taller Rosa Skific / FPS Oficina de Arquitectura

La vivienda de la artista fue en donde primero tuvimos que intervenir, un antiguo PH con ambientes estancos al cual le aportamos mayor dinamismo con integración de los espacios y recorridos visuales nuevos cambiantes a cada paso. Se encuentra enclavado en el centro de la manzana en el barrio de San Telmo en un primer piso de un edificio antiguo de la zona. El PH tiene dos plantas, en la primera se desarrolla el acceso, la cocina, la biblioteca y el taller, en la segunda el dormitorio y el acceso a la terraza. Pero nuestro desafío era cómo generar un espacio nuevo para taller de pintura a bajo... 
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Moving Mondrian by Vladimír Ambroz

Czech company Amosdesign will present a Corian bookcase on wheels designed by architect Vladimír Ambroz at Maison & Objet in Paris later this week. Called Moving Mondrian, the design features doors and drawers in primary colours that can be moved around within the white frame. The text below is from Amosdesign: – MOVING MONDRIAN library Author, arch. Vladimír Ambroz presents his version of variation on P. Mondrian’s pictures, transformed static canvas of neoplasticism founder P. Mondrian after 90s into space dimension and movement. Various formats of shelves, sizes, drawers, and movable... 
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FLKS by Kapteinbolt

We like to introduce FLKS (flex), a flexible workplace.
 Just open the panels unfold the table and the chair and put the plug in for light.
The legs from the table and the chair are provided with special designed joints, pull and turn 90°. The dimensions of the panels are a combination of sizes according to the Modulor of Le Corbusier in combination with the functional human sizes of today. This design is characterized by simplicity, clarity, freedom and space. 
Freedom in using and in arranging this workplace. The dialogue between the space and furniture, but also the spaciousness of the... 
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